Hiring an RV in the US – Hire the Vehicle That’s Right for You

Published On February 13, 2017 | By Jacob Ander | Travel

The US with its wide, open spaces, renowned cities and remarkable cultures that differ from region to region has so much to offer travellers. Hiring a car is the perfect way to explore this amazing land, though many travellers prefer to hire recreational vehicles (RVs) for their US road trips as they can take their accommodation with them and they have more options regarding places to stay.

Camping is great, but it can be expensive in summer when everyone else has the same idea, making a small RV van rental from a top hire agency the way to go for most travellers. Here are a few tips for hiring the perfect RV for your American road adventure.

Plan Your Route

It makes sense to plan your route before you start looking at your recreational vehicle rental options. When you have the route worked out, you’ll know exactly how many days you’ll be hiring an RV for, plus you’ll also have an idea of the things that you’re going to do and the equipment that you’re going to bring with you.

Consider Comfort

Road trips offer amazing travel experiences, especially in countries with remarkable landscapes and scenery like the US, though they’re only as enjoyable as you are comfortable. This means you need to consider the vehicle you hire for your road trip adventure and how comfortable you and your travelling companions will be. Here are a few factors that you’ll need to consider to hire an RV that’s comfortable and represents a suitable choice:

  • How many days will you be travelling on the road?

The longer the road trip, the more comfortable you need to be. If you’re planning a lengthy road trip, ensuring adequate space is essential, which means you need to know exactly how many people are along for the ride before you book the recreational vehicle from a reputable hire agency.

  • How many people are travelling together?

Recreational vehicles offer more space and room to move about than cars but you still need to ensure you have ample space. A good rule of thumb here is to hire a van with a passenger capacity that’s one person more than your group. For example, if there are four of you, hire a small RV van rental that carries five passengers, so you have a little extra room to move around and you can fit all your equipment in the van comfortably.

  • How much equipment will you bring?

The more equipment you bring, the more room you’ll need. If you’re bringing camping equipment, you won’t need a feature-laden vehicle, however, you can reduce the amount of gear you need to bring by hiring van that features everything, including the kitchen sink!

Road trips across America can be amazing experiences, but you need to hire the right vehicle for the needs of your group. Wherever in the US you’re exploring, whether that’s California, Florida or Tennessee, use these helpful tips to hire the most suitable recreational vehicle for your exciting road trip holiday.

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