Where to Go, What to Do When You Visit Ireland

Published On September 10, 2016 | By Jacob Ander | Travel

If you like to travel, it is probably because you have sense of wonder that cannot be sated. No matter how much you travel, how far you go, how many things you see, that wanderlust may never cease.

Or maybe you just have not been to Ireland.  If you are one of those people with a wanderlust that just won’t quit, consider some travel to Ireland, and maybe you will quench that thirst.

Ireland is the Home of Guinness

Yes, you know that. But have ever thought about learning about one of the world’s oldest and most beloved beers?  Well, on your visit to Ireland you can not only see the birthplace of Guinness, but you can also visit the Guinness Storehouse. In the heart of the Irish capitol city of Dublin, you will learn that the storehouse was established in 1759, at the core of the St. James Gate Brewery.

Ireland is Home to Lots of Great Cheese

When talking about cheese, most people probably include France and Italy as the origin countries of the best cheeses in the world. However, Ireland is also actually pretty well-known for its cheese and dairy products.  Much like Italy, the various regions of Ireland are known for their specific types of cheese.

Ireland Is Home To Remarkable Cuisine

Along with great cheese, Ireland is actually filled with lots of great, upscale eateries.  What makes Ireland so much more special than other countries in Europe, perhaps, is that most of the country has not been touched by the modern world but those modernized areas combine old-world charm with modern sensibilities.

Sheep is among the most common livestock in Ireland; and while their meat and dairy is a popular ingredient in Irish cuisine, make sure that you also try the local delicacy known as Blaa.  Most commonly served with breakfast, the delicacy is, simply a naturally fermented bread roll dusted with white flour and often slathered with butter.

Ireland is Home to Some Impressive Farmers Markets

Part of that old-world charm is having more access to farmers markets than to grocery store chains. While farmers markets are becoming more and more popular throughout the United States, they have long been a staple of Irish life for centuries.

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